Growing Old Gracefully

As a piano components manufacturer and restorer, we stock a wide range of essential piano maintenance supplies. Our goal is to help you keep your instrument as long as possible.

  • Piano cover. Protects your piano, particularly if it’s in a public place like a school, a small concert hall, or an auditorium.
  • Piano lock. Restricts piano access to those who have the key.
  • Replacement piano bench. Based on part of your instrument, we match a stain and finish to that of your piano.
  • Piano lamp. A variety of lamps designed for upright or grand pianos. A great gift idea.
  • New castors. Having trouble moving your piano? We can equip it with rubber-coated dual-wheel ball bearing castors to protect your floor.
  • Piano finish restorer. Although nothing can compare to a brand new factory finish, this product lets you enhance the appearance of your piano finish without having to have it moved to the shop.
  • Cory brand care products for satin and gloss polyester finishes.
  • Soundboard duster. The design of our duster lets you clean all the hard-to-reach parts of a grand piano soundboard.
  • Grand piano string cover. Designed by the Edwards family of California, these wool covers are attractive and functional. In addition to keeping dust out of the strings, soundboard, wippens, and cast iron plate, they can also function as a mute. In condos and apartments, this accessory can be a godsend.