Internationally Renowned Piano Components

As a Quebec leader in retail acoustic piano sales, Pianos André Bolduc has built an international reputation in piano restoration and for its superior quality soundboards and pinblocks. It mainly sells to high-end piano manufacturers and piano restorers in North American and Europe.

The Bolduc Soundboard

Major piano manufacturers have a particularly high regard for Bolduc soundboards. They know how Bolduc soundboards improve the tone of their instruments, as well as being certified and suitable for the North American climate. Pianos André Bolduc feels privileged to have made so many pianos around the world sing with the rich resonance of wood from Canada.

BolducBlock Pinblock

For over 25 years, Pianos André Bolduc has been exporting the BolducBlock pinblock to customers worldwide. The pinblock is a truly critical component because it maintains the piano’s string tension. The BolducBlock, made of Quebec hard rock maple, is recognized internationally as the best pinblock on the market. Technicians appreciate how easy the BolducBlock is to use. The flexibility of the pins makes tuning easier and more stable. A piano that does not stay in tune is of no use to musicians. In piano restoration, pinblock replacement is a complex and extremely precise operation that we particularly specialize in, involving, for example, replacement of all the piano’s strings. For a great instrument, however, the investment is well worth.

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