Pianos André Bolduc Training Session in BRISBANE, Australia

From September 8 to 13, 2009, Australia’s International Association of Piano Builders and Technicians will host André and Christian Bolduc. They’ll be discussing the installation of Bolduc soundboards in grand pianos.

See the “Lecturers” section at www.iapbt2009.com

Chamber Music in Sainte-Pétronille

For 25 years, Pianos André Bolduc has been a proud supporter of Musique de Chambre à Sainte-Pétronille. This year, André Bolduc Piano Evenings welcomed cellist Matt Haimovitz and pianist Jean Marchand on July 30. Pianos André Bolduc is the official supplier of the BÖSENDORFER 280 concert grand used this season

Prix d’Europe Music Competition

Pianos André Bolduc was the official supplier of the Bösendorfer 280 concert grand used in the 98th edition of the prestigious Prix d’Europe Music Competition, held June 8 to 12, 2009, at the Bon-Pasteur Historic Chapel, 100 Sherbrooke Street East, Montreal.

Visit www.prixdeurope.ca.

Montreal Classical Music Festival

Pianos André Bolduc was a major partner in the music competition, which brought together 350 musicians in the Elgar Community Centre on Nuns’ Island, Verdun, from May 15 to 18, as well as to the Gala on May 31, 2009.

Pianos André Bolduc was the official supplier of the two concert pianos and upright (including the celebrated BÖSENDORFER 280) used by contestants during the competition.

See www.apmqmta.org.

24th Edition of the Clermont-Pépin Competition

Pianos André Bolduc has been contributing to the success of the Clermont-Pépin Competition since its inception. Congratulations to all who took part in this prestigious event.

The qualifying round was held on April 17 and 18, 2009, in the chapel of the Marie-Fitzbach Cultural Centre (3rd floor) at 250–18th Street West, Saint-Georges, Quebec. Semifinals were held on Saturday, April 18, and Sunday, April 19, at the same venue. The final was held on Saturday, May 2, 2009.

See www.concoursclermont-pepin.org.

Société de musique de Chambre de Montréal

Pianos André Bolduc is proud to be associated with Société de musique de Chambre de Montréal (SMCM), supplying its artists—including founders cellist Velitchka Yotcheva and pianist Patrice Laré—with its BÖSENDORFER 280 concert piano. The event will be held at the Bon-Pasteur Chapel at 100 Sherbrooke Street East, Montreal.

See www.smcm.ca.

Corporation de Développement Culturel de Trois-Rivières

Pianos André Bolduc was on hand at Pauline-Julien Cultural Centre in Trois-Rivières and Foyer Gilles-Beaudoin (J.-Antonio Thompson Room) for Bösendorfer Week, March 12 to 21, 2009.

See www.v3r.net.

Teaching in Germany

In Ludwigsburg, Germany, in October 2008, André and Christian Bolduc were invited by the European Association BDK to give its members an intensive workshop at its annual seminar. To read the full article in EUROPIANO magazine, visit http://www.bdk-piano.de/aktuelles/aktuelles/article/resonanzboden-neueinbau.html. (German only.)

See Christian’s bio in the “Team” section.