Pramberger, A Piano of Substance!

The partnership between Pianos André Bolduc and piano manufacturer SMC Music goes back many years. Thanks to dedicated work by a team of North American experts constantly scrutinizing even the tiniest detail, Pramberger pianos have surpassed our hopes and hold out considerable potential for the future.  

Pramberger pianos rival better known major brands thanks to their rich sonic palette, precision mechanisms, and superior construction, which compares in quality to much more expensive instruments. A maple frame provide remarkable stability. Founder Joseph Pramberger spent 29 years at Steinway & Sons in New York as a design and project engineer and as vice president in charge of manufacturing, while the Pramberger family has been involved with pianos since the 1700s. 

The Renner action, considered the world’s best, and German Kluge keyboards are important features. And with a Bolduc soundboard contributing to the rich and powerful voice of Pramberger instruments—for us there’s a piece of home in every Pramberger. Each new Pramberger piano is checked, regulated, and tuned at the Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce facility before being transferred to the Montreal or Saint-Joseph store.

Pramberger pianos represent the perfect choice for professionals seeking a fine piano at an affordable price.  

For more information on how these pianos are made, visit the manufacturer’s website at or call 1-888 397-5057. The Montreal store is open 7 days a week. 514-788-5767